Friday, September 9, 2011

REVIEW: Lord of Fire by Gaelen Foley

Did I finally find myself a favorite? Does he trump all others? Is he a hero of heroes? That'll be a resounding yesyesyes!

Just who is this superawesomemegaepicdelicious hero??? Well, he can be found in the following story...

Author: Gaelen Foley
Genre: Historical/Romance/Action/Drama/Suspense
Standalone|Series: Book#2 of the Knight Miscellany series
Rated: R for sexual content
Summary: Gaelen Foley has created a pair of enthralling twins for Lord of Fire, a Regency romance that blazes with passion. Lord Lucien Knight gave his honor for his country -- baiting traps with sins of passion and politics in the shadow war against Napoleon. Now that peace has been declared, the master spy turns his talents to vetting possible brides for his twin, testing their worthiness to wed his icily honorable war hero brother, Lord Damien. In the course of that duty he learns of Alice Montague. Miss Montague is said to be young, pretty, clever, good with children, and of impeccable character. She sounds perfect for his twin. Why, then, does Lucien lure Alice to his estate, compel her to promise to remain in what she knows to be a fortress of sin, and then begin a skilled campaign of seduction? Can it be that the Lord of Fire himself now burns with the fire of love?
(summary source: goodreads)


All 5 Stars goes to Lord Lucien Knight. Very well deserved. Mysterious, gorgeous Lucien is not what everyone imagines him to be. Every one sees him like the devil. How tragic. They fail to see that Lucien is all the more gallant, strong and so very clever.

Misunderstood to his very core, Lucien isolates himself from everyone. Including or rather, perhaps, ESPECIALLY, from his once always present twin brother, Damien. Lucien lives behind measured walls, puts on his mask of indifference and plays the devil role he is resigned to. That is, until he meets the good girl Alice Montague. Giving her the ultimatum that will ultimately seal both their fates, she reluctantly agrees to stay with him for a specified amount of time (which is one of the most hilarious scenes, I might add).

Alice is just the one to bring out the true Lucien to the fore.

He's very much the perfect embodiment of a romantic hero. Tormented. Passionate. An unsung hero that just wants to be loved. In his mind he doesn't deserve love, he doesn't deserve Alice.

Now, Alice, sometimes I feel like her character falls a little short. Not sure how to describe it, but I was left with the thought: "Does she really deserve Lucien?"

Well, anyway, who am I to question their love? She makes him whole, happy, complete. And vice versa. That's all that matters. (And really, Lucien already won all the stars. So, still an amazing read.)

The story reads like an action packed movie. Scenes with stunts and guns and swords and heroes on horses and ladies in white dresses. And a romance to die for.

Can it get any better?

Overall Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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