Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MIXing it up.

Music plays a huge part in my life, as I would imagine it would for many people as well. Music naturally enhances everything it touches ... it lifts us up, inspires us, stirs emotions that we may or may not even want to surface. It goes straight for the heart.

Most of the time when reading my romance novels, a song or two would pop up and I'd connect it to a moment, a character, or the couple. I don't think I've ever felt as driven to create a soundtrack than for Pippin and Dash, Elizabeth Boyle's star-crossed lovers in Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress. Ah, Pippin and Dash. Oh, my heart.

Lady Philippa Knowles and Captain Thomas Dashwell's love story spans years, decades even. They first meet in  This Rake of Mine, the second book in the Bachelor Chronicles, when Pippin was merely a schoolgirl. We only get fragments of their story in each installment, and it's not till we get to the fifth book, their book, that we see how their romance truly developed and how their love for each other has evolved. Kudos to Ms. Boyle's storytelling magic that while reading the other books (which I love very much too!) I very much was anticipating Pippin and Dash's story and was really eager for the next installment. By the time I got to the end of the fourth book, their narrative had left me euphoric and miserable and curious and hopeful and worried and enchanted .... I really, really just wanted to get my hands on the book so I can find out what choices they made and where those life-altering decisions had led them to. ;)

Happy Ending by Mika. That is the one song that kept replaying in my head, from the moment I picked up their book. Don't be fooled by the title and the music. The lyrics. Oh, gosh. My heart is breaking again. I really liked how Pippin and Dash's story is not your typical formulaic romance. I don't want to give too much away and mention specifics, but when you do decide to read this book, I would really recommend that you start from the beginning (read There's Something About Emmaline too! Because it's so much fun!) to get the full effect. It's part of the genius of their plight as a couple. But anyway, Happy Ending is just one of the many songs that came to mind, and certainly, this is not where I would end my mix. I think you'll know what I mean when you read it.

I wonder though, how many readers automatically attach a song(s) to a character they love, a memorable moment, an unforgettable story? Does it easily come to you? Do you like creating fanmixes? :D

(Look, an aside! Hehe. I found out about this series via twitter (ab contest - srsly.). I saw the cover for Lord Langley Is Back In Town and my interest was piqued by this gorgeous cover. Heh. Found out it's the latest (last?) in the series and I only had a few days till the book would come out, so I took it upon myself to start from Book One and finish by the time Lord Langley comes back (and hey, mission accomplished!:D) I'm so glad I did. I got to read about this wonderful group of family and friends, all delightful, smart, and very endearing mischief-makers. Heee.) You guys, go and buy the books and start reading now!

"Yes, Dash?" 
"How did we get here?" 
"Aboard this ship?" she teased. "Nate ordered the sails raised and then --" 
"Very funny," he said, cutting her off. "You know what I mean. Here. To this place." 
"Oh, this place," she said, her face growing solemn. "I've wondered that as well, and all I can think of is that we are like our stars." 
"How so?" 
"You and I are the two outer stars, and the one between us is everything that keeps us apart." 
He set his lips together and gazed out at the waves. "Like this ocean," he offered." 

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