Friday, September 16, 2011

REVIEW: Never a Gentleman by Eileen Dreyer

Miss Grace Fairchild is under no illusions about her charms. Painfully plain, she is a soldier's daughter who has spent her life being useful, not learning the treacherous ways of the ton. She may have been caught in a scandal with society's favorite rogue, but how can she marry him when it means losing herself?
Diccan Hilliard doesn't know which of his enemies drugged him and dumped him in Grace's bed, but he does know the outcome. He and Grace must marry. To his surprise, a wild, heady passion flares between them. Yet Diccan is trapped in a deadly game of intrigue Grace knows nothing about. Will his lies destroy Grace just as he realizes how desperately he needs her? And how can he hope for a future with her, when an old enemy has set his murderous sights on them both?

He hides his true colors while she hides her true self. That statement alone would have gotten me to read this book right away, but as it was, back in April or something, I kept hearing about this book with many readers either abhorring "that scene" and hating the book completely, or admiring the book because of it ... I didn't want to be spoiled so I went ahead and downloaded this and read straightaway. I was so very curious to see what everyone was talking about, and I was really interested to discover also what kind of reaction it would warrant from me. And oh, my. What an experience it was.

ADDENDUM: I shared this book with someone just the other day, and I wanted to share a passage with her so I opened up the book. Somehow it just grew and grew and before we knew it, I was reading the book to her! It was my first time reading a novel out loud, and it was an awesome experience pretending to be my own version of an audiobook, but it was even more awesome to hear her gasps or sighs and other reactions. The best thing that I got from this? It's that I appreciate even more the quality of writing of Ms. Dreyer. Such a treat to read not just how a compelling love story unfolds, but to be drawn irresistibly in a different world and different time because of her stunning depiction of each character and the affecting descriptions of the world they inhibit. I found myself pausing quite a lot, even re-reading lines or whole passages, because I was so amazed at how engaged I was. It's so good to be immersed in each exact detail, to be given so much fascinating insight on Grace and Diccan's life. Soooo much love. Love, love, love!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

REVIEW: Lord of Fire by Gaelen Foley


Award-winning author Gaelen Foley has created a pair of enthralling twins for Lord of Fire, a Regency romance that blazes with passion. Lord Lucien Knight gave his honor for his country -- baiting traps with sins of passion and politics in the shadow war against Napoleon. Now that peace has been declared, the master spy turns his talents to vetting possible brides for his twin, testing their worthiness to wed his icily honorable war hero brother, Lord Damien. 
In the course of that duty he learns of Alice Montague. Miss Montague is said to be young, pretty, clever, good with children, and of impeccable character. She sounds perfect for his twin. Why, then, does Lucien lure Alice to his estate, compel her to promise to remain in what she knows to be a fortress of sin, and then begin a skilled campaign of seduction? Can it be that the Lord of Fire himself now burns with the fire of love?

I love the way Gaelen Foley writes. To me, she's one of the best writers out there. I know I'm only on her second book, but regardless. Her words invoke a whole new world and I find myself irrevocably drawn into it. My senses are forever engaged, and I can not only picture the setting, but I feel like I'm engaged in it. The world building is excellent, with history intertwining superbly with personal backgrounds. The plot is tight, the characters are complex and multi-dimensional. I get tickled everytime I meet her characters as they are presented and thrilled to see them challenged as they struggle and grow. Awesome storylines and lovable characters. :D


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