Wednesday, April 3, 2013

REVIEW: Beauty and the Blacksmith by Tessa Dare

Tessa Dare is a master at writing scenes that would cause you to have a permanent grin, leave you breathless with excitement, make your heart melt, and definitely leave you craving for more. Beauty and The Blacksmith is no exception, as it is chock-full of moments that left me sighing, chortling, fanning myself (oh, so hot!) and clutching my heart, all at once.

We first met Diana and Aaron in the first book of the Spindle Cove series, A Night To Surrender, and it’s such a treat to finally get to know these two amazing individuals on a much deeper level. Aaron is an exceptional man; it’s difficult not to fall for this loyal, hardworking, kindhearted and passionate person. Diana is equally outstanding; a woman, who has so much to give, firmly resolved to live her life and be happy. These two complement each other, and every so often, I hear myself sighing because of how perfectly they fit. They don’t always have perfect moments, goodness knows how many times I died laughing because of one mishap or another, but in each moment, even the ones that left a twinge in my heart, it was very clear how much love these two have for each other. 

It was such a joy to see more of the crazy cast of characters in Spindle Cove (reading this seriously felt like coming home). Loved reading more of Charlotte, that very spirited and unrestrained youngest Miss Highwood. She is such a force to reckon with. Love, love, love her. Very touching, that moment with Aaron.

Watch out for the revelations, pay attention to the powerful words and savor the expressiveness in each statement. So beautiful. Beauty and the Blacksmith is such a decidedly sweet and deliciously sizzling story. Definitely a must read!