Sunday, September 18, 2011

Random Question

So .... I'm trying to figure out which of the books I've read already, has a scene in which someone, the main bad guy or one of their hired men, goes after the heroine and threatens her by trying to run her over with a carriage or a horse or something to that effect? I guess to be even more specific, I was thinking of a scene in which the heroine was I think trying to purchase something, and there was a hat involved, or was it books? I thought it was Madeline Hunter or an Anne Mallory?

What I'm Reading Right Now

Ugh. My TBR pile is super high, it's already hundreds and hundreds of books. I've not been able to do a good job of picking which books to read too, and even though I didn't have this problem before, now I'm having trouble sticking to just one book. I used to be a one-book-woman but now, looking at my library, I'm five, six chapters in for about three books. I really need to sort this out. I find that when there's something I really have to do, really want to do, I tell people about my plans. As many people around me, as many people who can keep me in check in case I don't follow through. Hahaha. I guess I'll be doing it here too. I'll be listing which books I'll be targeting to finish in a week, and see if I can stick to it. We'll see. :P