Tuesday, October 25, 2011

REVIEW: Here Comes The Groom by Karina Bliss


If Jocelyn Swann weren't so furious, she'd probably laugh. Her best friend, Dan Jansen, has launched a campaign worthy of his Special Forces training to arrange their wedding, from music and minister to flowers and food. What part of no does he not understand?

Their marriage "agreement" was a tipsy scrawl on the back of a coaster…three years ago! It's not a question of love. Of course she loves Dan. She's loved him all her life. If only she could get him to slow down a minute and listen—to be the friend she needs right now—she could convince him that marriage would ruin everything.

I was going through my library last night when I saw this book and decided to pick it up. Obviously the summary is not going to give away the plot but now that I've read the book, that summary just doesn't match for me ... it doesn't do it justice .. Because this book is not all light and fluffy. Yes, it does revolve around the marriage agreement, and it is hilarious at times, with the witty banter, the clever comebacks, with <strike>their</strike>his stubbornness that just endears him even more.

The story though, it's got so much more to offer than that. I won't spoil it for anybody, but I will just say that there will be many people touched by Dan's situation and by Jo's circumstances. I even shed a tear or two at different times. I loved it didn't shy away from emotionally heavy matters such as those present in the book. I loved the characters, both the h/h were so real, flawed, struggling, trying, and you can't help but love them and root for them. They've been nest friends practically their whole life, and you really do get the sense of their very strong and solid friendship. It made me have faith in their relationship that even as a reader, I wasn't so worried because I saw their unwavering devotion to each other. There was this great scene in the kitchen when Dan and Jo were talking, where he proved exactly how much he knows Jo, that I didn't even realize what was going on until she paused and I had the same epiphany. Jo, too, gifts Dan something like it when in the end, she gives him a chance to be alone to figure some things out.

Then, there were supporting characters that were also awesome, and were actually very ... supportive of their plight, hehehe.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There were plenty of moments to love and there were sooo many moments that made me fall in love. The ending was a little too much for me, like something I would expect from a romcom movie, but apparently Dan could do no wrong in my eyes because it just made me love him even more. This is my first of the author, but I'm definitely off to buy more of her work. :D

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