Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What we want to see...

The subject of our heroes and the images of them has come up (again) in conversation with my Partner-in-Crime, D. And yes, I know our conversations are very deep and meaningful. That they are. Every single time. Always.

And to expand on that topic, I have a little surprise...

This handsome devil is supposedly Lucien Knight (Lord of Fire). Does the image fit?

As we read and delve into his story and his character comes alive in our minds, is the man depicted in the picture what we imagine?

If you haven't read the book, here's a couple passages on his description:

"Shadows scupted his sharp profile as he watched the crowded ballroom from the dim, high balcony; in the oscillating glow of the draft-buffeted wall candle, he seemed to flicker in and out of materiality like some tall, elegant phantom. Its shifting radiance glimmered over his raven-black hair and caught the Machiavellian glint of cunning in his quicksilver-colored eyes."

"Leaning idly against a bookcase by the window, he was reading a slim, leather-bound volume, the morning sunlight gleaming on his jet-black hair, which was slicked back [...] still damp from his morning ablutions. [...] This morning he was dressed with the casual elegance of a country lord at his leisure. [...] With his head bent over the open book, he did not look up at her arrival. She was momentarily distracted by the way he held the book in his hands, his fingertips subtly caressing the kid-leather binding. He had princely hands; they were large and manly, full of strength, yet ineffably elegant."

Now, looking at the picture, doesn't it seem a bit off? Not what you imagined? Or maybe it's exactly what you imagined. It's all subjective, really. To each their own.

In my opinion, there's something missing. His hair isn't right. His smirk is wrong. His build is just off. And just... I don't know, I pictured a more relaxed man. And maybe someone that has an air of mystery to him. I can hardly imagine the guy in the picture as Lucien Knight.

Or maybe it is because when I looked at the man in the picture, he reminded me of David Boreanez.

Maybe just a little bit? And then I wondered whether David Boreanaz would make a good Lucien Knight. And no, that won't do at all. But then again, Boreanaz played Angel in BtVS and AtS. And that opens a new can of beans! Angel does have some qualities that I can see in Knight and vice versa. Perhaps, maybe so Angel just needs to stop brooding the way he does... Knight does it better. Hahaha! Wow. This is starting to confuse me!

And back to the point, it's like that time when I thought that Sebastian from Devil in Winter had black hair until I looked under that cover flap and...

And he's blonde (not that there is anything wrong with that). But he's Blond! Was there a description of him being blonde? I can't remember ever reading it, or maybe I just overlooked that part and imagined him the way I thought he would look like.

Anyway, I am super happy that when reading Lord of Fire for the first time, I didn't have a cover to deter my imagination from, well, imagining. What I saw in my mind will forever be what Lucien Knight looks like to me.

Thanks to the authors for writing about these dream worthy heroes. It's amazing how words can allow our minds to run wild.

(*Sorry. Crappy cell phone pics are crappy)

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